May 05 2011

Roos Risking Frosty Frolics

Category: Friends,PersonalChrisM @ 10:04 pm

Excuse the break this afternoon from blogging, but I’ve been working on a site for a couple of days, and I wanted to get a basic version up and running so the people running the charity event could take a look. Before customizing the theme too much, I wanted to see how they thought it was coming, to save wasting time on areas that could end up completely different anyway.
G’Day Moscow is the name of the site, and as you may have already guessed from the address, it has an Australian/New Zealand ex-pats in and around Moscow theme to it. The two main sections are on Charity events – G’Day Moscow Ball 2012 and Moscow Cold Plunge 2012. The ball presumably speaks for itself (but do go and proof read it for me if you get a chance, although I didn’t write the content, I’ve been staring at the site for hours now and have most likely missed a few issues here and there), where as the Cold Plunge might require a little further explaining. Or not, if you’ve read the occasional posts on this site about people plunging through holes into the frozen River Ishim here in Astana. The idea is basically the same (if you’ve recently had to have an EKG machine used on you, it might be better to not take the plunge!), except rather than being purely something to do/take photos of, this particular one in Moscow is for people who have gathered sponsorship money.
I still need to alter some colours, look into changing a font, and incorporate some Australian-themed graphics, but as work in progress, I don’t think it is doing too badly so far!