Jul 23 2009

Roll Your Own Way

Category: Anna's PhotosChrisM @ 9:55 am

Here we have a before (23rd July) and after (24th July) photo, so when Anna is older and needs more immunizations, we’ll be able to point out the post on the blog, and explain that even when she was a (comparatively) tiny baby, she coped with 5 lots of injections very well, and was still happy rolling on the floor.
Given virtually any size of safe, clean and soft area to play on, Anna will normally combine rolling on her side and crawling (backwards only still) until she is at the edge of the pre-ordained ‘nice’ area, and so able to play on the ‘normal’ carpet instead. It doesn’t matter how many times you reposition her, unless you have a Mummy or Daddy physically in the way, or some large sofa cushions arranged strategically (around the TV/DVD/Satellite/Xbox area for example), she will move with surprising speed back to where she thinks is best 🙂

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