Nov 19 2006

Road Rage Strikes

Category: Kazakh Driving,PersonalChrisM @ 12:02 am

As we were getting ready this morning to go to the in-laws (continuation of Babushka’s birthday & arrival of Aunt,nieces etc.), I heard a loud sound outside. Still don’t know exactly what it was, but I saw an expensive looking car parked diagonally in the slow lane, blocking a Kamaz (big truck, tipper truck in this case). The car driver got out, shouted at the lorry driver, opened his door, and started hitting the lorry driver. Hard. A lot. After 30 seconds of venting his anger at the bloke, he hopped out of the lorry’s cab, got in his own car and drove off.
OK, so what, you may ask…
1) Lorry drivers aren’t normally known for being 7 stone weaklings, and so don’t usually attract a lot of physical confrontation from ‘mere’ car drivers
2) If you had a nice car, would you really risk a lorry driver ramming your pride and joy by beating him up?

Anyway, rest of the day went well, and our relatives are coming over to the flat tomorrow.

Oh, and I also wasted a fair amount of time last night, posting links to my Bikini & Bikini Waxing article site, on various blogs and forums, by mis-typing the url – doesn’t lead anywhere, obviously, whereas does.
Serves me right for posting whilst overly tired.
Speaking of which, good night…

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