Jul 12 2011

Rhossili Skinny Dipping!

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Rhosilli In Autumn

OK, to any readers currently hovering their fingers over Ctrl + F4 on their keyboards, I should probably point out straight away that I did not take part in this, so your eyes are safe, and you’ll be fine sleeping tonight 😉

Rhossili is a lovely village right on the South Western tip of the Gower, a beautiful area to visit, and now not to far from where we live when we’re in Britain. Back in 2003 (I think, sure Irina will come and correct me soon enough!) for our second wedding anniversary (yes, that’s right, 10 years next month!) we stayed in a little bed and breakfast there. The beach was beautiful (though we barely investigated a tenth of it!), the scenery was sublime, and it was great to take a break from Gloucestershire and just chill out there for a couple of days.
Below are a few shots I took on a very early digital camera of the beach, along with a geometric design that we watched someone create. Pretty similar method to (non-UFO) crop circles, I think.

Anyway, when I noticed that Rhossili beach was recently host to a record breaking skinny dip event, I remembered the old photos I had, and how great it was down there. Below is a proper shot of the bay.

Rhosilli Beach

If you ever want to go, be aware the beach isn’t a nudist one, however it is pretty well sheltered, so the organizer decided to hold the attempt there. See the original BBC news article (pre-event) here, the report afterwards here, and a Torchwood based article that mentions it here.
Skinny Dipping At Rhosilli
I’m wondering whether the current traffic I get each day for people who arrived here after googling for Skinny Dipping Youtube will end up at this post or not?