Dec 20 2009

(Relative) Freedom Of The Flat

Category: Anna's PhotosChrisM @ 3:31 pm

By the 4th of November (for new comers to this blog, dates are included on all of Anna photo and video posts, as they are automatically exported to her own site, and rather than spend a lot of time altering the timestamp of each post, I have included the date within the text, so visitors to that site can picture how Anna is changing over time a little more accurately) we had decided that the large sofa cushions placed on the floor as a basic border for Anna to stay within were pretty much useless now. So after a thorough clean by Irina of all the floors, Anna was now officially allowed to crawl around most of the flat. Given her new found enjoyment of moving forwards, and experimenting with standing up and walking short distances, I think we made the right choice at the right time.

Anna Tests Just How Far She Is Allowed

Anna Tests Just How Far She Is Allowed

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