Oct 28 2009

Real world, Electronic or Non-Existant?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 11:24 pm

Irina has been ordering a few items for Anna on e-bay, but obviously concentrating on larger sizes, so we can just pick up the clothes when we next return to Britain, rather than having them all reposted to Kazakhstan. So far, we don’t seem to have suffered problems with the Royal Mail strike having delayed anything (touch wood), but according to the BBC’s article on the changing habits of British people sending postcards more and more people will be sending electronic cards this year, in an attempt to save money, and also bypass the whole ‘lost in the post’ issue that occasionally put a damper on proceedings. We sort of operate a half way policy – there is no point in us actually sending real cards from Kazakhsan to people on their birthdays/Christmas, as the post isn’t reliable (see Lucky’s video which will be embedded in an upcoming post) and the selection of available cards over here still isn’t great. So for immediate family, we use an online service that prints a personalised card and then posts it, and for everyone else, we just hope they won’t be offended if we don’t re-start the whole greeting card thing when we move back to Britain.

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