Apr 10 2008

Real Men Break Their Thumbs

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 3:18 am

Nail Cushion

Looking at some of the conversations this device has created across various blogs, there really do seem to be some alpha males out there that think you should be able to hammer in nails with your fists, blindfolded, whilst chopping down a tree or two.
Personally, I think the concept (whilst not entirely original) makes sense, and anything that helps a person actually try to do some basic DIY in the first place, as well as not smashing up their nails and fingertips is a good idea. Anyway, head over to this blog post to read more details. (In case you never caught the SitCom ‘Home Improvement’, the Tim Allen referenced to in that post is a stand up comedian & actor. We’ll just glide over his less than stellar Hollywood resume.)

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