May 05 2007

Quicker than the Eye

Category: BooksChrisM @ 1:08 pm

Quicker than the Eye – Ray Bradbury

Having read Fahrenheit 451 immediately prior to this book, I found the change of pace quite refreshing. Quicker than the eye is a collection of short stories, and although all are quite recognisably in Bradbury’s own style, the differing backgrounds to each story really helped to keep my interest piqued.
Assuming you read the stories in order, don’t be put off by “Unterderseaboat Doktor”; although I enjoyed it, some may find it a little too ‘out there’ compared to his other books. The rest of the book was a good mix; ranging from someone who sees the spirits of Laurel & Hardy, to a story that explains what happens to areas when new motorways take away visitors, and what might happen if people happen upon the area again.
Although I’d not necessarily recommend this collection as an introduction to Bradbury’s work, I did enjoy it, and found the last section, written about the author and his methods, by Bradbury himself to be quite good reading. (More on this style of writing in the next review)