Feb 03 2010


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If I do ever decide to modify our Xbox 360 (so we can play backups of legally purchased games of course!), how difficult will it be to write firewall rules in the router so that internal network traffic (such as media sharing) but ensure that it doesn’t contact Microsoft at all. (They recently banned the hardware IDs of a lot of consoles that had been modified).
Does the arrival of Apple’s iPad really spell the end for netbooks, or will it fall into the pit of forgotten gizmos like the Newton?
Can I really fit all we need (data wise) in Britain onto a 16Gb thumb drive (and therefore not have to worry about customs hinting at a bribe being needed again), or will I end up giving up and just taking both portable hard drives again? In case you’re interested, yes customs officials in Kazakhstan don’t care if you are carrying 1Tb of data on hard drives, memory cards or thumb drives with you. Have that same data on a DVD or CD though, and you’re supposed to get them pre-checked (and pay the fees) a few days before your flight.
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