Jul 25 2007

Queen Tape Gaffe – Taking The Blame

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As you may remember from my recent post that had two opposing sides presenting their opinions on a contentious matter, one incident can be reported from differing angles, leading to different conclusions being drawn.
Well, it looks like hacks are now interpreting a media boss’ apology in different ways. Following on from the ‘Queen – Last Post Hopefully‘, ‘Queen Bites Back Post Correction‘ and ‘Queen Bites Back‘ posts, Stephen Lambert, RDF Media’s chief creative officer apologised. Now the Telegraph has presented this as a standard sort of executive style responsibility taking – he is in charge, so he accepts the blame. However the Guardian has headlined their article with an apparent admission that Mr Lambert PERSONALLY made the doctored the tapes himself.
That said, the Telegraph does not go ‘easy’ on RDF, listing accusations of some pretty scummy behaviour in two of their previous series – Masters & Servants as well as Wife Swap. Where adults sign up to be on TV, and are pushed towards one direction by the series production team, I normally see no problem. However, when children are involved, I can’t help but wonder how RDF staff managed to justify this behaviour to themselves… is wanting to gaffer tape a young persons mouth shut, and parade them in public something you would be comfortable explaining to your family?
Well Mr Lambert has quit his position, I’m just wondering if this is enough to make the news journalists (and bloggers 😉 ) look elsewhere for their next targets, or whether any disciplinary action will be taken?

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