Apr 05 2010


Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:40 am

To anyone who hasn’t yet clicked on the links in any tweets that mention Qik, you’ll find videos I have streamed live from my mobile phone. I have just gone back and edited each of these posts so that you can also watch the videos from within this site. HOWEVER, as these are tweets, they are automatically put in the Asides category. This means you’ll not see the video on the front page, you’ll need to click on the (0) link at the end to see the post in it’s entirety.
I’ve also added pictures to all the twitpic tweets, however these should show on the front page, as no embed tag is necessary.
If this is all Latin to you, don’t worry. Either click the little number in brackets after any post that mentions Qik, OR just click the qik.ly link.