Dec 19 2007

Putin Not Losing His Grip

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 2:52 am

Rather than spread this over several posts, I thought I’d just put all the article links in one place. They all concern Russian politics, and whilst you should obviously spread your research from different sources to try and attain a more complete picture, they certainly provoke some thoughts and comparisons with other country’s attempts to present an image of squeaky clean political processes, and elections specifically.

It’s painful to imagine life without Putin

Mr Putin’s allegations “nonsense”

Election ‘neither free nor fair’

Successor for the next four year plan?

You support me, I support you…

The British Council’s activities in Russia are compliant

Still reading? Impressive, now I’m the first to admit that Yeltsin’s reign was not the best foundation for a Russia coming out of a political system that disintegrated into chaos, but I do wonder if this direction will be any better in the long term?

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