Nov 19 2007

Pssst, looking for some cholesterol?

Category: Aware Or Conspiracy Nut...,PersonalChrisM @ 1:45 am

Just finished reading an interesting article over at the BBC site. It reports that Glasgow council are considering various ways to improve the health of their school’s pupils. Whilst their aims are obviously commendable, some of the options are quite laughable when you consider that it will be children who are expected to play along. ‘Locking in’ pupils at lunch time was carried out by my last school, though this just meant we had to exit the school carefully (the 18 inch gap under the school gates did little to stem the flow of smokers and fish’n’chip shop customers. Like wise, the idea of outright banning un-healthy items in kids packed lunches seems 1) unrealistic 2) a little too Big Brother to me. Contraband smuggling of Mars bars and fried food is likely to occur, and unless teachers follow these guidelines as well, children could rightly claim hypocrisy; children are very resourceful when it comes to bending rules and evading observation when they want to – perhaps time for a little realistic re-thinking?

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