Jan 15 2008

Problem Sorted

Category: Friends,Personal,WordPressChrisM @ 6:48 pm

I am not publicly posting the solution that worked just yet, as I need to check any security implications from the action I took.
The short version is that I can now access the admin section of this blog.
Whilst I’m wittering on about things 98% of my readers couldn’t give a flying funk about, this site may experience limited downtime in the next week, as I’m intending to change my hosting company. Matt Garrett has very kindly been paying for my hosting, but it is time for me to take responsibility for my site’s costs. Short version is if the site is down, or appears screwed up, wait an hour, try again. If it still doesn’t work, wait a day, and unless I’ve fallen asleep at the keyboard, things should be fixed again.

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