May 06 2007

Potato Planting & PC Predicaments

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 8:27 pm

Today we popped over to the in laws, and had a nice meal. I had burgers for the second day in a row, so I’m happy. Although I had to return home a little earlier than usual, more details in a sec, we managed to fit in a little planting of potatoes in the back garden, which went surprisingly well. It now appears my major weakness, in horticultural terms, is just turning the soil over, prior to the planting phase.
Anyway, we’re now back at home, and I’m communicating with ChrisD who is (aside from a lazy git for still not writing a short entry on his visit to Kazakhstan last year & hopefully coming later this year) at Mum & Johns, trying to sort their two PCs. John and I have managed to sort a small amount of issues over Messenger, but some things require a little familiarity with PCs, and I can work wonders remotely, but not miracles :-P. I’m sure John will forgive me when he reads this.

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