Apr 15 2008

Posting Will Ease Off For A Few Days

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:52 am

I still have quite a few things I need to crack on with before Irina and I head off to Amsterdam for my birthday, and then on to Britain. In an attempt to keep my few loyal readers, well… loyal, I’ll be posting some mildly funny/entertaining videos over the next few days, as this doesn’t require much though on my part. Believe it or not, this blog, and related research takes up a fair amount of my working day!
Anyway I have already written two or three posts for each day I’m actually away (19th April – 5th May). By adjusting the timestamp, it should hopefully appear as though I’m still dutifully blogging away each day. I will try and check in here, as well as my e-mail, when possible, but if you have not left a comment here before, it is possible that approval of new comments may take two or three days.
If you have commented here before, unless you include my blacklisted words, your comments should appear immediately.
Anyway, enjoy the next few videos over the coming days, and my thanks to ChrisD’s facebook friends for originally bringing them to my attention 🙂

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