Jul 20 2008

Posting By The Lake

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 7:41 am

As previously mentioned, this weekend we are camping, returning to the local salt water lake I first visited a couple of years ago, when we first moved to Astana. (Can someone remind me to insert a Google Maps script here to show people where I am?) Anyway it is 7.30am, I’m sat by lake, and I woke up an hour ago! This isn’t necessarily due to the fresh air around here, more due to the fact that I fell asleep yesterdy evening at an obscenely early hour. Anyway, i wanted to check if this area had GPRS/EDGE coverage so thought I would write a quick post on my phone. You can blame any typos in this post on the keyboard on this Kaiser – if you type too quickly, it misses some characters. I will try and tidy up & flesh out this post wit more details when I get back to our apartment….

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