Apr 08 2011

Post Oath Speech

Category: Kazakhstan,PicturesChrisM @ 10:31 pm

It took a while, but I found an English language piece on what the President was actually saying today. I’d heard that Caspionet were going to carry the (English language) audio feed that the foreign journalists in attendance were privy to, however this didn’t occur. ooooh, pretty fireworks outside. Back to writing this post soon…
{Watching Anna’s face as the fireworks exploded was a treat. The cats were hiding under the bed, so needed a little reassurance that all was fine. The following photos don’t really fit into this post, but I’m sure they were to celebrate another term for the saviour of Kazakhstan, so that’ll do. They were taken through a window’s fly screen, as the shut windows reflected too much light from the flat}

Anyway, back to some of what the President spoke about this morning…
Kazakhstan will continue to strive to draw in new investment within an open economy, ensuring that “people’s capitalism” will continue to benefit the citizen’s of this country. Industrial development, and ensuring that small and medium sized businesses continue to be created and flourish will mean that more and more of the achievements necessary to reach the goal of Kazakhstan being within the top 50 nations in the world will be met. As an example, Kazakhstan’s foreign reserves of over $69 billion already indicate the direction in which Kazakhstan is travelling. Innovative ideas – ten of these within the next twenty years should be enough to ensure Kazakhstan hits that top 50 countries in the world list.
I’ve obviously paraphrased a little here (see the original post), but given the quality of translation and apparent lack of proof reading carried out, even on older posts, at the PM’s blog, I don’t think I’m taking too many liberties here.
There was also some bumph about further democratization and transparency (I’ve also heard that he said that the eradication of corruption is a major target), but if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing. This post ends here.