Jul 27 2010

Portable Presents

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 2:20 am

Once I’ve finished writing these posts, and at least drafted a fair few more of Anna’s photos and video entries, I need to make sure I look through the list of laptops that are currently available from local retailers. Irina still seems reasonably happy with hers, and I can’t justify buying one for myself, but someone in Irina’s family has a birthday soon. Actually as she doesn’t read English, and probably knows already what she is getting, I can reveal it is Ira’s Mum. She doesn’t want a full size desktop-replacement laptop, nor something from the limited range of netbooks that you can find in Kazakhstan. She would like something reasonably powerful, not too heavy to cart around, and it will mainly be used to access the internet and manipulate her photos, as she doesn’t get much time usually to go all the way to the top floor and use the normal PC in our bedroom. I have a basic idea of what to aim for, but I need to check which technologies have made it here to Astana, and aren’t overpriced either.

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