Dec 14 2010

Police. Lib Dems. BBC. Scum

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OK, so a more accurate title would have been SOME police who were present at the recent protests in London, the Liberal Democrat party as a whole and the BBC whilst talking to a protester give the impression that they have few moral qualms with taking actions that many would very easily interpret as being indicative of major flaws in their character, but that doesn’t fit very well as a post title.
What exactly made me post this? Check out the video below, then the pathetic interview conducted by the BBC’s Ben Brown with the assault victim afterwards…

To those few Liberal Democrat MPs who went against the party line and voted against the increase in tuition fees, and to a much lesser degree, any who didn’t pledge during the election to vote against such a policy, I’m sorry that you find yourself tarred with the same brush as your slimy brethren.

To the policemen involved in assaulting this dangerous and threatening protester, I wish you no physical harm. I do however hope that you have nightmares of being a quadriplegic in a wheel chair being pushed down a steep hill with spikes at the bottom, for the next couple of years at least.

I remember laughing at Not The Nine O’Clock News’ sketch on ridiculous reasons for a policeman to charge people. OK, so the miners’ strike was obviously going on at the time, but I was only a few years old.

For those wondering, the Conservative party don’t get a mention here, as everyone knows what kind of politicians and people they are. Whilst I don’t agree with their policies most of the time, no one can really claimed to be surprised by their approach to governing Britain.

Whether pulling a disabled man from a wheelchair twice in a day were simply the actions of a deranged policeman or, as suggested, a deliberate attempt to antagonize protesters into violent action, we’ll probably never know, but to those people who support the police’s request to be able to use water cannon to quell future legitimate protests, to those that think kettling is a valid method of crowd management, and to the few right-wing wuckfits who think recent protests are proof that the police should have firearms in such situations, I hope you will one day wake yourself from your stupor, and see what is going on in Great Britain right now.

To those wondering why I don’t make similar posts on the authority’s behaviour here in Kazakhstan, it is relatively simple… I will need to re-apply for my residency permit next year and I also realise police brutality and corruption is (currently) luckily less of a problem in Britain Kazakhstan is great and has no problems at all.

Sorry, should have said, hat-tip to Lenin’s Tomb for bringing the videos to my attention, and to a friend who may want to remain anonymous for letting me know about that blog a few weeks ago.
If you are like me and live somewhere where most ISPs block have technical difficulties connecting to blogspot blogs, you can either add the RSS feed to Google Reader or use Opera’s turbo mode to view the site.
Also, I realise the protester has cerebral palsy, but the wish of nightmares involving quadreplegism on the police officers involved was to ensure a more intense feeling of lack of control.
Finally, to anyone who thinks that perhaps the protester’s brother was wheeling Jody at the police in an aggressive manner, I guess that isn’t totally beyond the realm of possibilities, I do however think that unless Jody was brandishing a spear or razor wire, that any other course of action than wrenching him from his wheelchair would have been a better idea.