Nov 10 2008

Plenitude of Past Pictures

Category: Dasha&Kittens,Eating Out,Friends,PicturesChrisM @ 2:44 am

I finally got around to transferring the photos from Ira’s camera onto my PC this evening. So you should expect some shots of… DaveG’s party, a few cute shots of Kara and Muska hugging, a couple of visits to the Irish pub (including one when they were had a competition where you could win prizes if you ordered pints of Kilkenny), and some more recent shots of Tishka’s kittens. I also have a lot of news-related posts I need to make, as I want to try and clear down the backlog before we move back to Clydach in a week or so.

(Yes I realise that ‘plethora’ tends to have negative overtones when people read it, but you try thinking of a word beginning with P that means lots of or a bug bunch 🙂 )
OK, I gave up and used an online thesaurus in the end. I turned down plenty and pack in favour of plenitude…

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