Oct 27 2010

Please Tell Your Friends

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 8:21 pm

Next in this series of posts describing the plug-ins I use on my various sites is the ShareThis plug-in (I’ve linked directly to the WordPress specific section of the site, to read more about the system in general, just click their logo at the top of the page). Although no longer activated on this blog, I keep it installed, and on the other more niche orientated web sites, it is active.
Even if you don’t happen to use Social Bookmarking/Networking sites a lot yourself it is quite likely that your visitors do. I suppose if you only ever write about Max Bygraves albums, then perhaps your average reader doesn’t fall within the typical market sector that use reddit, stumbleupon or twitter, however it can’t hurt to try it out.
The plugin adds an expanding area to the bottom of each of your posts, which contains links to whichever schemes you hope your readers will submit the post to. For example, if a visitor finds your post very informative, they have the option to submit the URL to facebook or twitter or digg, with some of the fields pre-filled. You can also use the data collected to check some statistics about your visitors. To be honest, the plug-in didn’t see much use on this site, and as I was having problems with CPU throttling from Bluehost at one point, I disabled any plug-ins that I couldn’t justify keeping live.

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