Feb 13 2008

Pizza Delivery In Astana!!!

Category: Eating Out,PersonalChrisM @ 10:43 am

Irina found a pizza place that delivered, so we treated ourselves to a film and pizza last night. A little pricey (1 litre of coke/fanta cost 800 tenge (about quadruple the cost in a shop), pizzas were 1600-1950 tenge (around 7 pounds/$15) each), but mine was tasty. Without going into gory details, if you happen to use Napoli (or ‘Neopol’ depending whether you trust the pizza boxes or the bill) pizzeria, you may want to ensure you have a supply of Immodium to hand (the severity was enough to wake me at 3am and send me running to the loo!).
That said, the pizza was good enough for me to hope it was a one off, and so I hope to try them out again in the future – will post if it turns out they should be avoided 🙂

Oh, and I know that pizza delivery isn’t exactly ‘Eating Out’ but I don’t have a category for ‘Eating In’ 🙂

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