Jul 21 2011

Pivovaroff Menu

Category: Eating Out,PicturesChrisM @ 3:46 pm

Mid July last year we went to Pivovaroff, and I completely forgot to upload the images I took of their menu. Although they have a new one now, the content and prices are still vaguely similar, so in case you want to try a German-style beer keller that does great sausages (and apparently sea food), check the pictures below. On the day we took these pictures, everything was great except the sauce on one of the desserts contained cream that had gone off. To our great surprise (compared to the attitude you’d find in some other local places), they apologized, replaced them with alternatives, and gave us a free extra one by way of apology 🙂
Oh, in case I haven’t mentioned it previously, when talking about this place, they brew their own beers on-site!