Apr 03 2009

Pip & Con Come To Visit

Category: Anna's Photos,Friends,PersonalChrisM @ 8:46 pm

Moving on to the 3rd April (only two more posts to go before I’ve exhausted the supply of photos on my hard drive (I still need to check Irina’s camera’s memory card for more recent shots)), and Pip & Con came over to visit. With Con soon heading off to Thailand (by the time this post actually appears on the blog, he should have finally made his flight onwards to Australia, fingers crossed), Pip kindly volunteered to drive him over to Wales to see Anna before he went. She hadn’t seen Anna either, so it wasn’t an entirely selfless act. From what I remember, and the Facebook photos suggest, we got through a fair amount of vodka, once Anna was safely asleep, and they managed to set off the next day for England with only a few hours missing from their work shift 🙂

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