Oct 13 2009

Pinked Chavs?

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 3:06 pm

I’ve got a few videos I’ll be posting later that display some of Britain’s finest, most up standing citizens (/sarcasm) chavs choosing the wrong people to start some aggravation with. However, for now, please make do with this short piece from BBC news, that details one approach to stop troublesome tearaway teenagers from congregating in some areas. Now, yes, they could just buy some creams and then continue to hang around in alleyways. However I suspect they’ll just move along to the next dimly lit corner that doesn’t have pink lighting installed!

This reporter needs to have a quiet word with whoever edited the video – the first frame you see whilst waiting for the buffering to complete does not show him at his best, especially with his eyes like that!
Ooops, looks like when I borrowed the embed code from the BBC website that I missed some sort of don’t autoplay function. Click the link below to see the post on its own, and watch the video.

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