Jun 26 2012

Picnic In The Park II

Category: Eating Out,Friends,Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 6:38 pm

The day following the birthday party and first use of the new pool, I headed over to the Presidential Park here in Astana, as Lara (and Dan) had organized another picnic. This was to celebrate the end of the academic year (Lara runs a language school), and so teachers, pupils and parents all attended. It was in a different location to last time, and as I was driving, I can recall the entire day as well! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and it was great to have a bit of proper shade to collapse into, after playing football for the first time since school! My left leg is still complaining about the sprinting without any warming up, and I had a killer of a headache (mild heat stroke? it was pushing 35 in the midday sun) later on, but I’m really glad I attended.