Aug 16 2007

Photos Of The New Kitten

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OK, as promised, here we have the very first photos of Dasha’s kitten. She actually weighs in at 110 grams, not the 107 I quoted earlier. The video is going to have to wait for another day, as I am feeling too tired to start mucking about and would probably start getting things wrong.

So first we have Mini Dasha wondering where mum has gone. (Dasha had in fact gone to grab some food and a drink, but was only 50cm away).
Mini Dasha Wheres Mum Gone

Now we see the box she was born in, the very same box used each year, with the birthdays written on the side. A cardboard box with some heritage 😉
Birthing box - same box used every year

This one came out reasonably well, which was surprising – I didn’t want to disturb the kitten too much, so turned off the flash, and left her in the box. This meant using the macro mode on the camera, and not actually seeing the LCD screen when taking the picture.
Kitten Flash Off Macro Mode

Here we have Ira holding Mini Dasha, followed by me holding the kitten. He/She§ looks very cute there.
Ira holding Mini Dasha Chris Holding Mini Dasha

The weighing procedure. (Mr Owen, if you’re reading this, NO ONE will want me to call it massing!)
Weighing In At 110 Grammes

A little picture to show the scale – Dasha’s Paw vs. Kitten.
Kitten Dasha Scale

Finally, dinner time.
Dinner Time For Kitten

§ – Until we know for sure which gender the kitten is, you will probably encounter a fair amount of confusion on my part. Apologies.

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