Feb 21 2010

Phones Arriving Soon!

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 5:46 am

My main phone (the HTC TyTn II) and backup phone (HTC Hurricane/Orange C550) were both sent away at the beginning of the week to have a cracked LCD screen replaced, and the joystick on the Hurricane also need replacing, as not being able to move the cursor left, down or up did make text message writing and menu navigation that little bit more difficult. Combined with the fact that we eventually found the code for the car radio (the car required a new battery), and this Monday should see the return of tunes beyond the scope of radio stations, and also GPS, which will help when driving to areas around here that I’m not yet familiar with. Irina’s new laptop battery should be arriving soon, meaning that when we return to Kazakhstan, she may get more than 3 minutes of use without the mains lead attached, before it shuts down! We already upgraded the RAM from one to four gigabytes, so I’m hoping the notebook will have a new lease of life 🙂

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