Jul 17 2007

Phoney Program Brings Boom In Donors

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 7:44 pm

A hoax TV show appears to have met it’s creators aims. Back towards the beginning of June, a Dutch television show was broadcast that appeared to have plumbed new depths in reality TV. The premise was that a patient with a terminal disease was to donate their organs, and more specifically their kidney. The twist was that three patients would vie for the organ, with the dying donor to decide who should receive it.
This of course bought huge publicity, with critics mainly slamming the show for lack of taste, questionable ethics and desperation for high viewing figures. Thankfully, the whole show turned out to be a well planned hoax, with an actress playing the role of the terminally ill woman. Although the three ‘contestants’ were in need of a new kidney, they were fully aware of the real reasons for the show, and were under no mis-apprehension that any of them would be getting the fictional kidney. Anyway, after the show aired, and was revealed as a method to generate some publicity for the urgent need for donors, around triple the normal amount of people signed up as donor card carriers. Even if this only turns out to be a temporary blip, that is still some extra 8000 people on the list of donors.