Aug 02 2007

PDA App #4 – Port Splitter

Category: Personal,Windows MobileChrisM @ 2:56 pm

Later in the week I will start reviewing some of the GPS applications, however today I would like to focus on a related utility.
One of the problems with Bluetooth GPS units is that they require a serial port connection (though obviously not of the wired variety 😉 ), which is then locked exclusively to the program that initiated the connection. If you want to use your GPS with more than one program, you need to dis-connect and re-connect, which can cause stability and slow response times in either of the programs. Whilst you could theoretically have a utility rapidly switch between the two applications, I believe this would cause too much of a processing overhead. Another approach is that taken by Port Splitter (You’ll need to click the Port Splitter link when the page loads). The program makes a connection with your GPS unit in the usual manner, but then proceeds to create two (or however many free you have on your PDA) new serial ports, which it then duplicates the GPS data through to. All you then need to do is setup your other GPS programs to use one of these serial ports each. Quite a simple, but effective solution to a problem. With this program, you could use some route finding software to get to your destination, and use WiFiFoFum to accurately map WiFi hotspots on your trip.

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