Aug 12 2007

PC Problems Probably Sorted

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 2:43 am

After the disastrous corruption of my hard drive last week, I resolved to go and get things sorted. The main issue was our UPS – the battery appears to have had severe issues, just outside the warranty period, and so when the electricity is cut in our area, the PC has around 10 seconds of power. Even if I am sat next to the PC at the time, it can be difficult to save all documents and shut down within that sort of time frame. Another issue that reared its ugly head again was our USB keyboard often not working outside of Windows. This made trouble shooting the non-booting PC a little difficult, to say the least. So Saturday morning, as we were out in town anyway, I picked up a new UPS (with more pretty lights on it than the old one, though only the kettle lead style mains sockets), a nice reliable PS/2 keyboard, and some DVDs to burn off all the downloads, and start making proper back ups again.

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