Jun 09 2007

Paris Hilton In Shock

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 2:00 pm

It seems that the publicity generated when Paris Hilton was released from jail just three full days into her captivity has caused her original sentence of 45 days to be reimposed. When she first went to prison, she was under the impression she would only need to server 23 days of her sentence. Then, due to undisclosed medical reasons, she was allowed to be released and put under house arrest, with electronic tagging.
She was said to be crying and shouting out ‘its not right’ when the judge confirmed she would be treated like any other criminal, and not allowed back into public just yet. Traumatic for her I’m sure, but over all, I can’t really feel any pity for her… anyone would get depressed and stressed at the prospect of having their liberty taken away. Just because you have $$$s behind you is no reason to be treated differently.

See here for a previous post on her punishment for repeatedly driving whilst her licence was suspended, after she had been caught drink driving again.

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