Nov 10 2008

Pack It Up, Pack It In

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 4:06 am

So, with the move imminent, what are ‘must packs’, and what are we leaving behind, either for DaveG & Nat to look after, or leave at the in-laws? Well bulky things obviously are a big no-no, so if we had any real sporting equipment around, they’d be left behind. For Irina, she needs to have clothes to keep out the damp in sunny Wales this winter, as well as clothes that aren’t too tight fitting (our little Lolik is still growing! (I need to find out if I can get permission to post a picture of Ira’s bump sometime 🙂 )).

Open Suitcase

Personally, I’ll be taking as many t-shirts as I can get away with, a few shirts and a couple of thick jumpers in case we go for any long bracing walks in the local hills and mountains. I think I’ll leave behind my big winter boots and furry coat, as it won’t be reaching -40 centigrade unlike here in Astana. I’m also trying to keep the gadgetry down to the bare minimum, though I suspect Ira and I will have different interpretations of that phrase 😉

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