Aug 25 2007

Out Of Body Experiences Explained?

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 12:24 am

Researchers believe they have been able to induce an Out of Body Experience in volunteers who took part in their experiments. Both in Sweden, and Britain, virtual reality googles, a camera, and a simple pen were used to create an OBE in people with no mental health issues, or drugs (such as Ketamine) involved.
The investigation required the volunteers to wear the VR goggles, they then had an image of themselves displayed. When a researcher stroked the person’s real life back with a pen, they could feel the sensation as normal. However, when the same was done virtually, that is to say only an image of a pen stroking their back was used, with no physical contact, the volunteers still felt the sensation. The experiment went one step further, by deliberately placing the virtual image of the volunteer in a different section of the room, compared to where they were situated in real life. When asked to move away, and then back to their original position, volunteers often took the place that would have been used if the ‘false’ virtual body had existed in reality.
In case that didn’t make enough sense, go check the BBC article 🙂

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