Apr 07 2007

Other Videos That Got Uploaded To YouTube Today

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This is the video from our first (and last :< ) visit to Tom‘s flat. We went round with Walton and had a nice meal, and spoke with one of his student’s.

This is a video of a Kazakh drinking game, recorded at Ira’s Dad’s birthday celebration, in 2003, I think.
You have two teams, two bottles of vodka, and have to serve a shot, drink it, tidy up, and repeat, in a relay team.
It will make (a bit) more sense if you just watch it, I promise…

Again from the same party, here we have some Romanys(?) singing for us

From last year, we have Irina and I shooting shotguns at a salt water lake near by

Dubai dune driving is next, from 2005, when Ira, myself and the in-laws all went to UAE

This one is to check whether or not AlexC actually reads the blog properly. It was filmed back in Bourton On The Water, which seems like a long, long, long time ago now

Almost done :-)… This is from a party back in the UK, where someone bought their Dad’s Land Rover to a party. Not too unusual around Cirencester, except this one had a couple of cool hidden extras…

Finally we have a clip from a Russian news channel. There had been an accident in a mine, and there were rumours of an alcohol problem with the miners there. Just as a responsible looking representative came on air (live!) to dispel such scandalous thoughts, someone pops into the background. (This is from a while ago, there were apparently no serious injuries reported)

And yes, I’m well aware all these YouTube videos are making the front page of my blog untidy and excessively long.
Tough, I kept forgetting to sort out and upload some videos, and it was now or never.
Also, astute readers may notice a temporary bug or two since the re-installation of WordPress and the new theme was chosen. I’m not sure whether the problem with advert code not being processed when you click on a category is a problem with the theme, or the plugin I use to display the ads, but I’ll try and find out.

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