Aug 22 2009

“Or So” Equals Plus/Minus 7?

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Ha. Assuming you count a fortnight as being within ‘a week or so’, I’ve just met the dead line for ‘proper photos’ that I promised when I tweeted from the Melnitza restaurant on the 22nd of August. Melnitza is situated on SaryArka, quite near to our apartment, and as we hadn’t tried it before, were already heading to a nearby shopping centre and I wanted to grab a shot of the Khan Shatyr entertainment centre.

The service was superb in the restaurant, the prices not too excessive considering its reputation, and I can honestly say they served the best tasting sashlique I’ve ever eaten. This is Kazakhstan, and given my meat and potato type meal preferences, I’ve eaten a fair few of the barbecued kebab like meals over here. The exterior of the building is surrounded by flowers and vegetables, giving a real dacha-like feel to the outside seating, the staff were very attentive and smiling, and their take on garlic bread (see photos below) were delicious.

Oh, and my thanks to this post for reminding me of the name for the big glass yurt like structure up the road from us. I left a comment there in an attempt to correct some of the inaccuracies in the article, but it remains an interesting post.

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