Oct 06 2008

Oops And Huh?

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 5:48 am

Before I moved to this city, I had a job working at Innsworth, providing technical support and network admin duties. EDS had taken over these roles a long time before I arrived, and just a few short days after I accepted the role, I discovered that the whole department would be closed, and the site re-assigned it’s primary role. Enough of the background info explaining the reason the following stories caught my eye, and onto the more interesting links…
First we have a couple of reports on the acquisition of EDS by Hewlett Packard (see here and here). The first details what some were predicting would happen, and the second follows up on how the plans turned out. Not a million miles from the first predictions. It is worth reading some of the comments to see how EDS inmatessiders viewed the deal.

Finally we have a report on three portable hard drives stolen from the (ex-RAF, now mostly Army) Innsworth base. Obviously these weren’t just blank drives, else it isn’t likely the story would have made much of a splash. Apparently, records of ALL current and ex-servicemen and their respective families were stored on the drives, without any form of encryption. Whether this was a simple hardware theft, or something more akin to data stolen to order, investigators aren’t sure yet. Last time I was on the base, any ‘petty’ crime was assumed to be the work of cleaners, which seemed a little harsh.

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