Apr 09 2008

One Approach To Bee Problem…

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Garden Inferno

This is what happens when men are faced with a problem….
What was the problem exactly? Bees had invaded a garden that was in use by children, and so the men decided to declare war. Women may have though about calling a local bee keeper, but in this case, fire was the answer decided upon.

So this…

Became this…
Dead Bees

Personally, bees and wasps tend to turn me into a little girl, running around like a headless chicken. I’m guessing my fear is rooted in a childhood experience where a couple of dozen of the little things decided to swarm my glasses. Anyway, enough of the therapy, head on over to here for a detailed explanation, and more photos. Or if you love honey producers, perhaps just skip it, and read the next post here instead 🙂