Oct 29 2007

Once More Unto The Breach?

Category: Eating Out,KazakhstanChrisM @ 8:41 pm

Ira got home from work a little tired, and asked me to cook tea. Normally I am happy to oblige, as it often means I get to eat the sort of thing Irina does not like as much; however today I too am feeling a little knackered. Solution? Order some food from a cafe that delivers. This will only be the second time we have done so in this country, so I will update this post with details of how good it was a little later. I appreciate that people in Western countries would think nothing of ordering a Chinese/pizza etc. to be delivered to their home, but it is still definitely something of a novelty over here. They luckily had sashliq and chips on the menu, so unless it is stone cold, or smothered in scary vegetables, I should be happy 🙂 .

PS Yes I know I have categorized this post under Eating ‘Out’, but I don’t have a separate category for ordering ‘in’ 🙂

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