Jun 26 2007

Office 2003 Cut Off

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 4:46 am

If anyone else has upgraded to Microsoft’s Office 2007, they may be interested to know that Microsoft have announced that no more CDs of Office 2003 will be manufactured. Of course some supplies will continue to exist for a while, as retailers sell off their remaining stock, but Microsoft have also released the dates that they will stop fully supporting the application suite (January 2009). However, for another 5 years after that, they will still release critical security updates.
I tried Office 2007 for a few weeks, but just could not get to grips with the new way of working; I suppose, in much the same way as I eventually migrated to Windows XP from 98, I will have to just knuckle down and learn how to use it properly. Until that point, or perhaps when I next have a technical support role that will require in depth knowledge of 2007, I am very happy to stick to my tradition File, Edit, View etc. menus 🙂

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