Dec 11 2010

Off Road, Clued Up

Category: Windows MobileChrisM @ 12:28 am

This is one of the few paid for applications that I’ll be recommending if you are a Windows Mobile user. GPS Tuner is the focus of this post – if you use your GPS for more than just driving, or live in an area where Google Map doesn’t cover accurately/with up to date information, this application could well be perfect.
You can import your own images for use as a map (as I’ve done with a high-res map of Astana, import and export routes (whether you have recorded them as you were going along, or planned it in advance with Google Earth etc.), waypoints, POI etc. All sorts of real time stats are available, although the version I have installed is an older one I don’t think they have included any use of your phone’s G-sensor, should you have one, so acceleration figures are straight line only – no way to tell just how many G you’re pulling go round a corner – I’ll be posting more on apps that cover this in the future.
To be honest, the application is most likely overkill if you don’t plan to use many of the features. However there is a demo available, so give it a shot, don’t forget to either read the documentation, or at least go through every options screen, and see if the program matches your needs.