Dec 14 2012

Oasis Amongst The Dunes?

Category: Friends,PersonalChrisM @ 8:23 am

Almost eight weeks without a proper post! I could offer various excuses, so I probably will… Though, as anyone dedicated/bored enough to read the tide of tweets will know, I’ve been quite busy hopping from Astana > Almaty > Abu Dhabi > Sydney > Brisbane > Abu Dhabi > Almaty > Astana > Kiev > London > Evesham > Swansea and Evesham again tomorrow, so sometime I will definitely need to grab all the media and any memories left of the trip and put them up in proper post form here. The Australia trip was solo, whilst since returning to Astana, I’ve been back with my family again 🙂

Anyway, excuses over, seeing all those friends within a short amount of time was great, and I hope one day to return to Brisbane and Sydney, maybe with Irina, Anna and Tim! There are a lot of tweets here that I want to strip out and combine into a few posts, though it may have to wait until after New Year, once we are settled back in Astana. I have spent some time here in Britain sorting family PCs and other tech, which is always so much easier to do when actually sat at the keyboard, rather than logging in remotely or relaying fault tracing instructions down the phone! I use a variety of tools (CCleaner, MSE, Malwarebytes, the registry editor etc. to fix problems and clean up reg errors etc., but sometimes I think I should look at a combined package that I could ask people to run when they encounter problems, and hopefully nip a few problems in the bud before they get to me 🙂 I need to find the time to sit down and see how the different applications approach problems, and see what is most suitable for family and friends.

Cookie Monster Delete Cookies?

Although none of our local friends have bought over a laptop in need of attention (as seems to happen most years), John’s PC has now finally arrived home. It has been in and out of a local PC shop since before we arrived in the UK, and has apparently had almost all of it’s components replaced by now! Previously it was completely cutting out after a random amount of hours. I checked logs, made sure Blue Screen of Death messages were enabled (though the PC died each time, not rebooted, so I didn’t have much faith this would help), left temperature, fan speed and voltage sensors’ output logged continuously, but nothing looked likely as an obvious culprit, especially without the usual 0xC8002400 type BSoD error codes. Whatever the fault was, I’m really hoping it is sorted now, as I’d like to leave John’s PC in a useful state before leaving. I need to go and check on the PC’s progress and head to bed, as we are driving to Evesham tomorrow, so I’ll finish this post off, and try and commit to sorting out the old tweet posts and missing images very soon.