Apr 08 2011

Notes On The Ceremony

Category: In The Media,KazakhstanChrisM @ 11:07 am

Notes I’ve made during the broadcast I mentioned in the last post…

Soviet-style marching by the presidential guard has Anna’s attention. She is attempting to copy them!

Funny to see some of the VIPs in the crowd using cameras to record the event. Somehow makes them seem more human.

Oh, before I forget, blogspot/blogger sites still blocked here, and also noticed that caspionet.com (NOT related to the Caspionet TV channel) is also blocked here.

Quite a pace walking down the red carpet. 10(?) Gun salutes seem to occur at random points of him walking down the carpet.

Now inside a building. No English commentary on Caspionet yet. Steadycam equipment apparently not in use at the venue. Ah, just saw the wobbly cameraman from a different camera, standard shoulder mount.

He looked a little bit like David Blunkett then (rapid eye movement left to right), whilst waiting for the singing to stop. Also whilst talking at the beginning.

Audience applauding loudly before Nazabayev gives his speech. Anna joining in at home. No English translation so far.

Publishing this for now, will edit post as coverage continues.

Satellite card program on this PC keeps crashing, and unable to get the video in function to work properly, so can’t record from our normal STB either.

As there is no English translation, the most interesting point recently was when he coughed. Hoping Caspionet provide English version/text later…

OK, end of the speech, will write more if/when I find a translation.