Feb 18 2011

Not Important Sports

Category: VideosChrisM @ 6:36 pm

Top 10 Sports, once more from Remi. I’ll get bored of these soon, don’t worry. If you’re actually enjoying them so far, check back a few posts to see the link to his site.

Tour De Nothing Important

Definitely a little closer to Dom Joly this time (I’m thinking of his 1,000,000th customer of a public toilet routine), here he has a lot of help from friends, faking a bike race finish for a few innocent Sunday afternoon cyclists. Reactions vary from bewilderment to playing along.

I should probably mention that you see the occasional arse cheek in these videos, and even an out of focus penis in one. To be honest, nothing that will scar children for life, but if you have a draconian boss, perhaps don’t view at work.