May 27 2008

Not An Outer Limits Episode…

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 3:04 am

The Academy of Medical Sciences has issued a warning that the academic organizations may soon need to start considering the use of drug testing, to ensure that some pupils are not abusing prescription drugs in an attempt to improve their memory. Although ten or fifteen years ago this would have sounded more like an episode of some SciFi type program, the startling reality, according a report over at the BBC news site, is that such abuse of cognitive enhancers was already taking place. The idea of people using strong black coffee, Pro Plus or Red Bull to aid in last minute cramming is hardly new, but ritalin, modafinil and aricept are allegedly already being used by some. I particularly liked the spokesmen for companies involved in the legal production of these drugs, who stated “These drugs are prescription drugs and therefore you need to go to the doctor to get them. I don’t think the system is that open to abuse”. Because everyone knows that prescription drugs don’t get abused already??? Idiot.

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