Apr 16 2010

Non-Existent Search Terms

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 10:57 pm

Does anyone know what TMZ Fights is doing sitting around very high in a keyword search for my site? With a couple of different systems, if you enter chrismerriman.com as the domain name, it is either #1 or #2 as a successful search that bring people to this site. If it were “Almaty Nightclubs”, and I had written about it at least once, I could understand. However, after seeing the TMZ term, I ran a couple of searches (both frontend and also within the admin area for this blog) and couldn’t find any reference? I am wondering if someone has decided that intriguing sys admins for sites with strange search terms is a good way to gain extra traffic. I don’t think it can be an attempt at gaining backlinks, as no links have been placed since the term appeared in my site’s stats, and even within this post, I’ve not made a hyperlink to the site (enter the search term, without spaces, and adding a .com on the end), and I can’t see why other blog owners would link to it.
I tried to google for other people with the same query, and didn’t get very far. I’m genuinely interested if other site owners have come across this domain turning up in their site’s stats? I could understand the approach if the domain in question had impacted on my other twenty or sites (pretty much niche article sites TBH), but not a sniff so far. I also did a small amount of research into when other people genuinely mention it in passing, and the context doesn’t seem to apply to the site’s current content either.
Anyone have a clue WTF is going on with this?