May 18 2011

No Sand, Broken And Walking Birds

Category: Anna's VideosChrisM @ 12:23 pm

Last of the post from the 6th of June, here we have Anna enjoying some singing birds, a push-a-long bird and a comfy seat that doubles as a parasol base. Anna knew that to make the birds sing, you had to nudge them. Nudging wasn’t quite a skill that had yet been acquired however, so one of the birds decides to take an instant interest in the wooden floor…

It seems as though I was wrong in the last video post – there is not yet any sand in the sand pit…

Once again, I have found some similarly themed videos from a little later (13th June 2010), so I’ve decided to add them here instead of starting a new post.
This first one is Anna discovering alternative ways to change tracks on her MP3 player, followed by a “I’m a little teapot” dance.

Anna takes her ball for a little kick around, once she has safely navigated the steps, noticed a dog barking and gone for a little wander.

Eating and apparently enjoying berries.

Yes, yes, I know, a lot of videos in this post, only a couple left now 🙂
Irina watching Anna.

Apparently the little bird was restored to his perch.