Apr 01 2011

No One Cares How Clean It Is!

Category: Kazakh DrivingChrisM @ 1:04 am

KZBlog has just published a post on driving in Kazakhstan. Whilst writing my reply there (which reminded me I’d promised myself to resurrect the Kazakhstan category on this site), I recalled that during the paperwork and phone calls that had to take place before we could drive our car, one thing was quite different from Britain… When we spoke to the insurers, although they asked me how old I was, how long I’d been driving for, and the year, make and model of our car, I’m petty sure they didn’t ask about driving convictions or points on my license. I appreciate that Kazakhstan might not have the same points system for speeding etc., but I’m still surprised that bad driving record didn’t seem to come into play at all. As it happens I’ve got a clean licence anyway, but surely if someone regularly speeds or drink drives, their insurance premiums should be higher? Otherwise, relatively safe drivers are shouldering the extra cost for reckless motorists?