May 12 2008

No Major Issues To Report

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 12:07 am

Please see this comment at the bottom for a helpful fix from Alex Ron. Where the hell did ‘Alex’ come from. Only just noticed my error, apologies Ron.

Well, all seems well post-SP3 installation. There were a couple of hiccups – Windows Live Messenger now complains (error 2771) when it is started up that there is a component missing, and installation fails. This has been observed by others who have installed Service Pack 3, but it looks as though a simple re-installation (assuming you already have the latest setup downloaded) should fix it.

Secondly, though not SP3 related, I noticed that Windows Update had a new audio driver for my motherboard. I installed it and rebooted, this has resulted in the Intel Audio Studio app from failing to load, complaining that “Sonic Focus drivers must be loaded for this application to work”. However, I still have sound coming out of my speakers, and the only use the Intel app was put to were graphic equalizer-related. Think I’ll just leave this be for now…

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